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Money Simplified.


Money what's left what's right

This way to
your First Million!

Do You Feel Money Eludes you?

It can be hard to get rid of Money Myths and Build a different Financial Reality.

We can Fix this! You can Transform your Mindset, Learn Practical Methods to Earn, Retain and Save More Money. To Invest and Exponentially Grow your Wealth. To move from the Zone of Surviving to Thriving.


Quick Story

Dhanashree Bhatkal is a finance professional and a serial entrepreneur, who has been training businesses and coaching individuals to re-write their financial realities. She is the founder of ‘A Money Tree’, a boutique firm that has been working with businesses globally, to make them more profitable. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, coach and business person who has a vision of ‘Financial Education for All’.

MONEY ~ What’s Left What’s Right


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    MasterMind ~ Becoming the Best Money Manifester You Know. June 2023.

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